Introduction - An introduction to the project and this training

What is Broadband

How Do We Compare - Some international, interstate, and intrastate broadband comparisons

How Do We Get Here - An introductory primer on how broadband is delivered

What Should We Do - What are some of our options for improving broadband in the region

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Broadband involves data transmission speeds.

We like to use the example of downloading a high definition surround sound movie. If you were to try to do that with dial-up (not broadband) it would take 20,000 minutes. The Pony Express could literally deliver it faster.

Standard DSL (a broadband service) still requires 370 minutes (just over six hours) to get your movie. I hope your date's not waiting.

In Kansas City and other gigabit cities, gigabit fiber to the home can deliver that same movie in just about a minute.

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