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Site Map

Over the years as OHIvey has worked to help municipalities and other organizaitons take advantage of 21st Century telecommunications services, we have collected a number of resources. We provide as many of them as we can for you here. We know this makes our site a little cumbersome so we provide site search and this site map to help you through the mess.

  1. Home - Home is the welcome splash screen you see when you go to
  2. Muni Open Access - The Muni Open Access page shares some thoughts and principles regarding public/private partnership open access fiber to the premises.
    1. Overview - On the Muni Open Access page, the Overview outlines a basic starting place for some of our thinking about delivering true choice of true broadband. From the Overview section you may also visit an overview slideshow.
    2. Public Policy Objectives and Open Access Fiber to the Premises - This section introduces the role telecommunications can play in meeting public policy objectives.
    3. Public Infrastructure - In the Public Infrastructure section, we share a couple of examples of how the concept we apply to telecommunications is used in other infrastrucutre environments.
    4. Network Characteristics/Principles - This section outlines certain network characteristics and guiding principles the need to meet policy objectives suggests are salient.
    5. Municipal Telecommunications Options - The Municipal Telecommunications Options section summarizes three options available to municipalities to help them meet their public policy objectives with telecommuniations networks.
    6. Some Municipal Projects around the Nation - In this section, we take a tour of some of the municipal telecommunciations projects around the nation placing special emphasis on fiber projects.
  3. Feasibility
  4. Funding
  5. Design and Build
  6. Operations
  7. OHIvey? - This section of the site provides information about the company and offers links to some of the work we have done.
    1. Company History and Philosophy - Presents the history and guiding principles of the company
    2. Work History - Provides links to the work history page.
      1. Previous Jobs
      2. Current Jobs
      3. Proposals
    3. Partner Companies and Preferred Vendors - Briefly describes some of the partner relationships OHIvey has built through the years and offers a link to the partners and preferred vendors page.
    4. Leadership Team - Provides summary biographies and contact information for the leadership team.
    5. Contact Infromation
    6. Employment Opportunities
    7. Project Repository
  8. The Telecom Story - This section of the site offers some of the resources OHIvey has found to be useful through the years.
    1. History of Telecom - We are constantly working on updating this history of telecom.
      1. Timeline Version
      2. Tabular Version
    2. The Need for Broadband Videos - Some of our favorite videos from YouTube and other sources.
    3. A Telecom Technology Primer
      1. Twisted pair (Dial-up, DSL, VDSL)
      2. Cable Companies and Coaxial
      3. Wireles
        1. CDMA
        2. 802.11
        3. WiMax
      4. Fiber
        1. Hybrid Coax Fiber
        2. Fiber to the Node
        3. PON
        4. Active Ethernet
    4. Selected Reading - A partial bibliography with works sharing the pros and cons of municipal open access fiber to the premises (with an emphasis on the pros).
    5. Terms and Acronyms - A link to a glossary of terms and acronyms.
  9. News
    1. News
    2. Site Updates
  10. Project Repository - OHIvey maintains a project repository with certain project management functions.
  11. UTOPIA Project History

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